Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chlorophytum (Liliaceae)


Light: Must have bright light with some direct sunlight. Keep them out of hot midday sun which may scorch the leaves.

Temperature: Warm room temperature is suitable. They do not thrive in temperatures below 45 degrees F.

Watering: During the active growth period, water plentifully as often as necessary to keep the potting mixture thoroughly moist. In the rest period water more moderately enough to make the mixture moist throughout but allowing the top half-inch to dry out between waterings. any further drying out may result in temporary bleaching of foliage (which will clear up when plants are watered) and permanent browning of leaf tips.

Feeding: Every 2 weeks throughout the year, apply standard liquid fertilizer to establish plants (those that have begun to produce plantlets).

Potting and Repotting: Use a soil-based mixture (1 part sterilized fibrous soil; 1 part medium-grade peat moss, ground tree bark, or leaf mold; 1 part course sand or fine perlite;  add a balanced granular or powdered fertilizer according to instructions on the package). When potting or repotting, make sure to leave plenty of space for development of the mass of translucent water-storing tuberous roots that the plants produce; pots should allow the top part of the root ball to lie an inch below the rim. Repotting becomes necessary when the fat roots have forced the mixture upward to rim level so that it becomes difficult to add water. These chlorophytums may be moved to larger  pots at any time.

(Text Source: Reader's Digest Success with House Plants; Photo Source:

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