Friday, March 16, 2012

New Blog, No Particular Purpose

Hi I'm Kikay Reader. I started a book blog last February which you will find at I started that blog to share my love of reading. But, just like any human being, my interests are not limited to books. 

When it comes to interests, I must confess that I'm like a person with multiple personalities. 

I love 
...crafting (sewing, crocheting, beading)
...arts, design, and architecture
...computers, gadgets, and up to date technology
...mocha (my dog)
...anything Japanese
...observing people
...hanging out in coffee shops and milk tea places
...eating out
...going out with friends
...bargain shopping

I love a lot of things.

 I'm currently:
... learning how to garden
... learning to cook and eat healthy
... starting an exercise program I can keep.

Anyway, in this new blog, I intend to share anything and everything that comes to mind. Hopefully, all of them would be useful to my readers. 

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